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Storein Sofia
Stainless steel/INOX/
Round- diameters
NNameDiameter[mm]Width[mm]Lenght[mm] Weight[kg/m] QualityFinishPicture
1INOX301,0058000,728AISI 304MAT
2INOX351,2058001,056AISI 304MAT
3INOX401,2058001,166AISI 304MAT
4INOX351,2058001,056AISI 441MAT
5INOX401,2058001,166AISI 441MAT
6INOX451,5060001,620AISI 441MAT
7INOX651,2060001,907AISI 441MAT
Rectengular and square
8INOX20x402,0060001,884AISI 430MAT
9INOX30x401,5060001,648AISI 430MAT
10INOX40x602,0060003,14AISI 430MAT
Slitted coils

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